Wem is a small market town in Shropshire, England that originated as a Saxon settlement.

The town was virtually demolished as a result of battle during the War of the Roses and during the Civil War. In 1643 the town was attacked by a band of 5,000 Royalist soldiers only to be defeated by 40 Parliamentarians with a lot of help from the towns womenfolk!

Wem has always prided itself on it’s wide selection of small shops offering both residents and visitors alike a warm welcome, friendly service and a diverse range of products all served at a more leisurely pace.

Wem is now the home of the modern Sweet Pea which was developed by Henry Eckford, the 19th Century nurseryman. Every year Eckford’s contribution to gardening is celebrated at the Sweet Pea Show which, along with the annual carnival, brings a riot of colour to the town.

Wem is a 30 minute drive from Sweeney Hall Hotel.

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