The Iron Bridge & Toll House

The Iron Bridge , is the true jewel of Shropshire ’s Iron-making past, you can see it spanning the majestic river Severn. The bridge itself was opened by Abraham Darby III and architect Thomas Pritchard on New Years Day 1781, (having been cast from 1779 onwards) and it became so famous that now the town proudly boasts the name ‘Ironbridge’.  Whilst Abraham Darby III received a gold medal from the Royal Society of Arts, the architect, Thomas Pritchard died before the bridge was complete. Originally the bridge was conceived to allow traffic to cross the Gorge. However, today the bridge is only open to walkers, who wish to stroll across and get a better view of the river.

Iron Bridge & Toll House, part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, is a 50 minute drive from Sweeney Hall Hotel.

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