Tom Roberts

Head Chef

I started my career as a Prep Chef at The Bradford Arms in Llanymynech at the tender age of 15, moving to managing the bar for the last 6 months of my time there.  I knew that I loved working with food, so the next step was to join The Sweeney in 2003 as a Prep Chef, today I am The Sweeney’s Head Chef.

When I joined The Sweeney I worked under the tutorage of Bernie Warburton who was our former Head Chef, so I have  gone from peeling carrots and prepping vegetables to running the kitchen with my own team.

Always looking to expand my knowledge and experience from meeting local suppliers and learning about their produce, I enjoy spending time in other professional kitchens as far afield as London and Folkestone, all of which can only enhance The Sweeney’s already superb reputation.

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