Sweeney Home Deliveries

Hello everyone, well since we shut the front door to the last customer on the 21st of March, Sean has been busy adapting the hotel to what is the new normal for the immediate future.   What could we do to say thank you to our loyal customers, some of whom are amongst the vulnerable in the community and others who love the Sweeney and those that just feel like a treat so they don’t have to cook.  He devised a delivery menu with affordable dishes from our most popular on our regular menu, delivered free within five miles of the hotel and a range of dishes that would feed families of four.  We offer a comprehensive menu of starters, main courses and puddings.  These are priced at £12 for two courses and £15 for three courses but if you choose to order three lots of the £12 menu we have dropped the price to £30.  We offer a selection of individually prices pies and dishes such as Lamb Tagine and Pea and Feta Rissoto as well as trusty favourites like Steak and Ale Pie, there are puddings to choose from such as Strawberry Tiramisu, Salted Caramel Brownie and traditional Fruit Crumble and the menu changes regularly.  We offer a contactless delivery every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday between 10am and 1pm and all the dishes are freshly prepared to heat up at home.  Saturday seems to feel a little like a normal Saturday at the Sweeney because orders are always very busy! We’ve also decided, due to popular demand,  that we will now offer contactless collection from the Sweeney on the same days and between the same times by prior arrangement so those further afield who love our food can still benefit.  So we hope that those who can, will come on board with this and support the Sweeney and Sean and we hope to see you all back here once these trying times are behind us – take care one and all and above all Stay Safe x

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